We relaxed and enjoyed the game - Slovenia captain Eva Mori


Slovenia captain, Eva Mori: "We relaxed and enjoyed ourselves and pleased the fans."

Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 10, 2017 - There were smiles all around for Slovenia's opening win in straight sets over Argentina here Sunday at the 2017 FIVB Women's U23 World Championship. Here's the comments from both sides after the game:

Slovenia captain, Eva Mori: "At the beginning [of the first set] we were a bit nervous, which also showed in the score. But then we saw that we can relax and enjoy ourselves and please the audience, which is great. First victory, but tomorrow is a new day and I hope it will be a successfull one."

Slovenia outside hitter, Lana Scuka: "Like they say, bad beginnig, good ending. We showed what we can do and beat Argentina. I hope we'll continue this way and step up our shape."

Argentina captain, Antonela Fortuna: "I think there was a difference in reception and the level of the attack. We know that if we would set better then maybe the match would be ours."

Argentina coach, Martin Lopez: "I think Slovenia served really well. By attacking the first balls we were equal, but the difference was in counterattacking. It is clear that Slovenia played a lot of tough matches in the past months and that they gained a lot of experiance in the World Championship qualifiers. We didn't train a lot togheter and this was our first important match. I think this was the big difference. Today we had our first official game in this group and I think this showed in attacking and also in serving."

All matches in Ljubljana are played under a new scoring system currently being tested: a best-of-seven, 15-point set format.

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