The opponents will be getting harder and harder - Dominican captain Perez


Dominican captain Yokaty Perez: The oppenents will be getting more and more difficult.

Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 10, 2017 - Not quite satisfied by their performance but nonetheless relieved at the final result, the Dominican Republic camp were in agreement that they need to improve after their opening day win 4-2 over Egypt at the 2017 FIVB Women's U23 World Championship here on Sunday. Here's the reaction from both sides.

Dominican Republic coach, Wagner Pacheco: "I am satisfied we managed to win this first match. Egypt played really well and this shows there are no bad teams at this championship. Now we have to rest and prepare well for the match against Slovenia, who will also have the support of their fans."

Dominican captain, Yokaty Perez: "I am not satisfied with our performance. We could have shown more today. But thank God we managed to win this match. Now we have to improve and play better. The opponents will be getting harder and harder."

Egypt coach, Maged Mohamed: "I think we did a few too many of mistakes and there is also the lack of experience. We had to leave some players home because of injuries. I think we made a real effort today and I hope we will do the same in our next matches."

Egypt captain, Farida El Aksalany: "The last points in the match was as we wouldn’t want to finish the game. In the second and third sets we couldn't repeat our performance of the first. In the end we played much better, but unfortunately it wasn't enough."

All matches in Ljubljana are played under a new scoring system currently being tested: a best-of-seven, 15-point set format.

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