This is just fantastic - Bulgaria captain Dimitrova

Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 17, 2017 - Bulgaria's win over the Dominican Republic for bronze at the 2017 FIVB Women's U23 World Championship makes the Balkan team very happy for earning the country their first ever female volleyball world championship medal.

Bulgaria captain, Gergana Dimitrova: "Reaching the bronze medal game was the best what we could do and give. I don't know for how many years we've gone without a medal. So this is just fantastic. We came here to take a medal and we did it. Our goal is achieved."

Bulgaria coach, Antonina Zetova: "The match today was very difficult, because our girls, this generation, are not used to play such important games. I am happy for them, because the last medal we won was at the European Championship 17 years ago. And our women's teams never got a medal at a World Championship. It's important for the girls, because of all of the work we did this summer. I am very satisfied and very happy."

Dominican Republic coach, Wagner Pacheco: "We wanted to win, but we just couldn't. Bulgaria played really well and I think we also played well. But my girls still had in their minds that we lost one of our main players yesterday. I am still very satisfied with what we achieved. For this generation of girls this championship was very important."

Dominican Republic captain, Yokaty Perez: "We were hoping to play well and win, but we weren’t showing it in the court. The Bulgarians did. They fought for every ball, but we didn't. The team which fought more won today."

All matches in Ljubljana are played under a new scoring system currently being tested: a best-of-seven, 15-point set format.

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