We didn't focus from the start - China coach Wu


Coach Wu - not satisfied by China's performance agains Egypt.

Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 11, 2017 - Lack of focus and the pressure put on by Egypt were the key factors in China's hard-earned six-set win at the 2017 FIVB Women's U23 World Championship, according to comments from the winners after the game. Get the full reaction from the two sides:

China coach, Wu Sheng: "Today our players didn't focus on the match from the start. They got into the game very slowly and Egypt played quite well today. It's not normal for us to be that slow. We didn't progress the way we wanted to."

China outside hitter Wang Yunlu: "We weren't focused like yesterday. They put great pressure on us so we didn't block them very well, but through the match we got more focused and played as a team. I think it will get even more difficult in the next days so we need to focus on every match from the very beginning."

Egypt coach, Maged Mohamed: "It was evident we had problems because of the injury of our setter and also our best attacker Aya. We have a young, inexperienced team, which makes a lot of mistakes. Let's hope tomorrow we will do better."

Egypt captain, Farida El Askalany: "These [Dominican Republic yesterday and China today] were probably the two most difficult matches in the competition. I think we did good. We were so close but I think we should aim for more in the next matches. We want to win all of them."

All matches in Ljubljana are played under a new scoring system currently being tested: a best-of-seven, 15-point set format.

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